Monday, June 15, 2015

TEXAS...We take on Tyler!! {part 1}

We had an early flight and it was crazy getting on board. The airport was a mess and we barley made it to the flight, I am talking yelling at people to go faster at security and running through the airport type of craziness. I ended up leaving Max's booster seat, and my carrier at security on accident because we were literally going through security at the time our flight was suppose to take off. I grabbed Scout in one arm, 3 backpacks in the other while I had my diaper bag and backpack on and told the boys to run...I looked like a crazy person but I was NOT missing this flight. When I got to the gate I threw everything on the ground and started to cry! Thank goodness for all the nice flight attendants and my mom who stayed at security and waited for them to pat down my stroller ( insert *&@!& bad word here). Anyways we made it and the boys and Scout did great for the 3 hour fight! 

What would we do without ipads??!! 
We landed in Dallas around lunch and headed straight out to Tyler Texas where my best friend Jill lives with her 3 daughters! It is about a 2 hour drive, we got into our hotel and then hit the pool for awhile...a huge thunderstorm rolled in later. I put the boys to bed and went to see Jill who has just gotten back from the lake for her husband Micheals 30th birthday! We spent the evening talking and she showed me her house. So fun! We went to church the next day in their ward then spent sunday afternoon at their house.
 Hanging in the mothers lounge with a sleeping Scout! 
Weekly church picture in Tyler Texas! 

The Taylors have lots of girl toys so the boys finally found like the one gun that they own and Max was super excited to find a boy toy. We took a nice sunday walk, it is so green and lush here I can't get over it. It reminded me a lot of Virginia especially the humidity. These kids play well together I just love it! 
The next day we went to a fun indoor play thing with lots of little quarter rides (without needing them) at a church it was fun. The interesting thing about Tyler is there isn't a lot of city parks they are all associated with a church so this place was connected to a huge church. It was cool for the kids to play inside and outside even though it is humid! Here is cute little Afton and Scout playing oustide they are one month apart! 
After that cool place we decided to hit the zoo because it wasn't raining at that moment and it felt a bit cooler. It was stormy here and there, the clouds would come out and rain for a second then clear up. There was a tropical storm Bill that was making all the crazy weather. Max kept saying why is it so wet here! haha! Anyways this zoo was SO amazing. First they had this fun bird area that you could get a stick a feed birds. Max of course was a bit nervous but finally cought on. Carmen was pro catching birds left and right!

Noah who has been napping in the stroller woke up just in time (he is an animal lover and I didn't want him to miss but I wanted him to nap) He loved the birds and thought feeding them was the best thing ever. 

We walked around this awesome zoo and saw white tigers, penguins, alligators, a huge rhino, I was really impressed with it! It was the nicest zoo we had been to in a long time with so many different animals. The kids went wild in the reptile house! We had to grab a few shots of the kids while everyone was happy...thank goodness we did because no more then 10 seconds after Noah fell and split his lip, their was blood everywhere! 

Max, Scout, Carmen, Nora, Noah and Afton! All our kids line up perfectly in age! We are so lucky to have kids the same age and play together so well. Nora has a soft spot for my mom and kept wanting the map and to show my mom all the places we were going it was great. 
Later that night we had FHE with the Taylors and learned about snakes coming into your home, the boys still talk about that lesson. They got to eat a snake dessert after and thought it was so awesome. I'll blog about the next 2 days in Tyler in part 2! There is just so many fun things I don't want to forget! 

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