Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kindergarden Shots!

Well the day had finally come for Max to get his 5 year old shots! He will be 5 in just a few short weeks and needed to get these to start school in the Fall. We had tried a few months earlier to get them but our insurance didn't cover them until the month he turned 5. We didn't know that until we got to the dr. office so it was so anti climactic. He had got all worried, and cried and scared and then they sent us home. SO I really pumped him up the next few weeks telling him how brave he was, that these were his last shots for so long, and that he got a lego once it was all done! I was prepared this time around with his baby blanket, the ipad to distract him in the waiting room, because sometimes waiting makes it much worse! 


 He was a champ the entire time until it was actually shot time. He sat on my lap and was getting nervous, he said he wanted to see the needle then would close his eyes when he was ready. But once it really happened he started to cry and say he wasn't ready. I just held him nice and tight my trusty nursing skills kicked in and it was all done really kick. After the first one he said it didn't hurt but after the other 2 he was very much done. He kinda ran in a circle wondering why his arms were stinging it was kinda funny and sad. He quickly recovered and we hurried home to open his new lego Ninjago set he got as his reward. He was super excited and kept telling everyone how brave he was to get his shots! Noah was particularly interested in all his bandaids. Here are the after shots! Such a big boy can't believe he will be 5 so soon! 

Max's Stats 
Weights 40 pounds
Length: 43.5 inches 

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