Saturday, June 20, 2015

TEXAS...Part 3 Beautiful South lake!

After leaving Tyler Texas we made our way through Dallas and up to SouthLake which is a suburb of Dallas, and it is beautiful!! I feel in love. I called Larry after a few days and said I wasn't coming back he better find a job here! We stayed with our friends the Richardson's who our like my second parents. I had not seen them in almost 8 years once they moved from EDH. They had gotten back from their mission in Africa and it was perfect timing to see them. They were so generous and let us take over their guest house that they stay in 6 months out of the year and they stayed in the big house. It was like being on vacation for real! Heather cooked for us, played with the kids, and spoiled us rotten. My kids were in heaven! Here is the shot of the guest house that we stayed in, it was beautifully decorated! I gave Larry a face time tour so he could see my dream house ha! 

This is the main house that their son owns and it is the most beautiful house. It has to be at least 10,000 sqft and it is beautiful and rustic with some country flair. The house sits on a long 5 acre lot with a barn in the back and the horses graze from the back to the front of the house all day long. It is breathtakingly green and feels like heaven even in the humidity! 

The kids wasted no time and hit the pool multiple times a day. Their bird dog Levi would come in a swim with the kids and chase lizards 

The boys drove around the property many times a day in this sweet pink barbie car. They spent hours exploring the property and jumping on the trampoline. It is so beautiful with all the green! I loved watching the boys in their element outside and playing the day away.

One of my favorite things on the property was this beautiful huge tree that had a swing in it. It was perfect swinging Noah or Scout as the horses would graze. I really felt like this was  a dream and something we hope to have one day! The best part of it all is that you were still right in the middle of a housing development. Everyone has these long lots with acreage but your still right in town!  

One day we hit the aquarium that was inside a mall just to cool off. Noah ran wild through the place but Max really loved looking at all the animals especially the sharks! It was the perfect size and you can go through the museum in about an hour. I'd highly recommend going if you are in the area! 

We also hit up LegoLand discovery which is just a big lego play place kinda with a really fun splash pad outside. I didn't do too much research and didn't bring their swim suits but we made do! I liked the place a lot it was just really busy and Noah couldn't do as much as Max due to hight restrictions  which I hate trying to explain to him because he doesn't get it but we spent about 3 hours there and Max is still talking about it! 

One other thing the boys got to do every night was feed the horses at the house! Glen was so nice and patient with them as he let them feed them which Noah loved!! He thought it was the best feeding them apple treats from his hands! I love watching the boys get exposure to new things and am grateful Glen did this every night with them! 
They have 3 horses and as you can tell Noah was thrilled every time they took an apple form his hand! That face just lights up around animals. He learned all their names and knew where the food was and the treats by the end of the week! 
Max as normal was very tentative at first about the big animals but he got comfortable eventually and loved moving the hay around. I was pretty proud of him over coming his fears and learning something new.   
We had such a fun first couple days! I'll post about the next few days soon!! Just to much fun to be had here in Texas! 

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