Thursday, December 1, 2011

Memories Of Max.

Its been so sunny these last couple days its been so nice to play outside even though its pretty cold and windy. Every day Max bangs on the doors until we get to go play outside. He screams with delight once we reach the park and will run to the swings. Today we took a trip to the church and while my mom cleaned out the nursery cabinets Max played a good solid hour with bubbles and the small slide they have there. Its so funny to watch him go down the slide and then run back to climb up and do it again...over and over. Its so fun to watch him learn, and grow and laugh while he plays. He kept wanting me to turn on the microwave on the fake kitchen h'es so persistent he will take my finger and place it where he wants me to push, and gets frustrated when it doesn't work like the real one at home.

I know that nobody cares about these things but I want to remember them. He is learning and growing everyday its sad to see as the baby features disappear and he looks like a little boy. He is a dare devil and it really is a miracle at times he is still alive. He has learned to climb on the couches and jump off them or to other objects like the ottoman. He will climb up and teeter on the cushions or just look at me and then let go, like he is waiting for me to say NO. He still loves balls and playing with his basketballs for the better part of the day. He is also starting to walk up stairs instead of crawl. He knows when its bath time and where to go and that he gets naked (which he loves),and he knows where to get his shoes and put his dirty diapers. He even tries to wipe himself and hold his butt paste its hilarious. He screams bloody murder when we brush his teeth at night but its kinda nice because his mouth is open nice and wide. He loves bringing me things to open like crackers and drinks and is a very social eater. He gets mad when I give him a sippy cup but he really wants a bottle. Sometimes he will sit infront of the fridge until I give in. He thinks all little boys should drink diet coke and get to play on a real computer not his baby one.

I want to remember every little thing he does and every little laugh, roll, chubby body part I can before its all gone and hes grown up. He is so expressive with his blue eyes and will lift his eyebrows up and down and has the biggest smile ever. He is learning to throw tantrums and he is learning the reality of time out. He is active, smart, and has a great memory. Its amazing to see him everyday and I love being his mom. I hope he won't attack the new baby too much and that he will feel just as much love from me as before. My favorite part of the day is when he will come in my room and say "mom" over and over until I say "yes Max" then he smiles big and runs away, waiting for me to chase him and play.
{pictures taken October 2011}

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