Wednesday, December 7, 2011

High 50's....

The weather here has been extremely nice, yes its California but even for December its been beautiful in the afternoons. Max has been to the park everyday for a week, he even got Larry to take him before church on Sunday. Larry is almost done with finals which is a nice relief. Its hard having a husband work so much and then have to go study so much. Its completely different then undergrad days when we both were hitting the books, working, and childless. Law school in itself is such a beast and add on top a high stress litigation job and its just craziness. Anyways after Larry worked at the office for a few hours we met him for lunch and a quick trip to the park before Larry headed down to school and we went home for naps. Its so fun to be outside in the sun and watch Max run around, go down slides, chase birds, and play with his dad. He lights up when Larry is around because Larry will play rough with him, I'm more into kisses and discipline.
These days any small time we get with Larry is a miracle so its nice to be able to live close to his work and be able to take an hour out for our day to keep everyone happy. We will take full advantage of this beautiful weather, I keep thinking our days are numbered but we will see!

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