Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!
We are so thankful to be spending the Christmas season with our family and friends. We have had a busy 2011. Larry finished up his first year of law school, got a job in Sacramento for the summer that turned into a permeate postilion and switched to a part time law program in Sacramento. It was a whirlwind of changes and challenging decisions, but we made it out alive and feel good about the choices we have made. We are happy to be fully employed and Larry was happy to finish off his first semester of his second year a couple weeks ago. We are pinching our pennies trying to save up for a house so when law school is over and done with many years from now we have something to show for it!

We spent the summer swimming, playing outside, and taking a family reunion for the Harris side to Utah. We camped in Utah with Max which turned into a nightmare but great stories due to the rainy camping days. Max turned 1 years old, learned to walk, then run and has been moving nonstop! He is our pride and joy and we love almost every moment of being his parents! We found out in early August we were expecting a surprise baby #2 and that is is another little boy. After the shock, and worry that comes along with a unexpected baby we are now thrilled to be welcoming a new baby boy early April.

Larry spends most of his time juggling a full time position at a law firm in Folsom and going to school 3 nights a week and some Saturdays. He has gotten into biking lately and is so excited for basketball season to begin to root for Jimmer/Kings and his beloved home team the Jazz. He is an amazing dad and loving husband. He does so well at making time for everyone and never complains about the burdens he carries.

AnnMarie (Me) is busy running after Max and getting larger by the day. I have been able to get my California nursing license although thankfully have not had to work yet. I love staying at home and being a full time mom. It's hard work and frustrating but I love knowing I am Max's main care taker. I have really gotten into sewing, couponing, and cooking nightly meals for everyone in the house. Its been a dream to live with my parents, save money, and never feel lonely while your husband is gone 90% of the week.

We feel extremely blessed this Christmas season to know the true meaning of Christmas and to celebrate Christs birth. I am grateful to get through the trials that were thrown at us this year and look froward to a fresh new 2012 year! We are so grateful for our health, growing family, and Larry's job. After some unstable years its great to feel like our adult lives are somewhat coming together. Hope everyone is enjoying the season and remembering to have Christ be the center of our lives. Merry Christmas- Larry, AnnMarie, Max and Baby Boy!

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  1. This is a great pic! What a wonderful post AM. Love you. Sorry we didn't get together again. We'll have to come out sometime sooner rather than later...