Sunday, December 11, 2011

The First Christmas Story: Told By Max Harris

Apparently our Christmas nativity involves a Santa Mr. potato head. Max always places him around the nativities constantly. I love this little nativity it allows him to play with it and still try to instill the spirit of Christmas. I turned my back for 10 seconds though and he was up on the table throwing the animals, baby Jesus, and stable before I knew it. This boy is constantly moving and is non stop. We have a special little tree just for him that he can touch and destroy and we redecorate everyday so he is distracted by the big one...that we have yet to purchase. It is so fun having a little toddler around for the holidays its so much sweeter and special to have him love the lights and the goodies that come to the door. But watch out for those presents he already unwrapped one and proudly brought me the paper to throw away.

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