Friday, December 2, 2011

Hurray For Fridays!

Things I am Happy About Today:

1. Getting Christmas decorations out.
2. Watching Max watch the christmas lights
3. Making peppermint cookies
4. Getting the 6th season of Bones on DVD for a killer deal on black friday!!
5. Scoring 97 cent jammies from Old navy for toddler and new baby boy!
6. Deciding on a baby name (maybe?)
7. Cool crisp winter air & a warm fireplace
8. Finishing dozens of sewing projects
9. My bath & body works wall plug-ins (candle free house with kids now)
10. The Panera bread restaurant opening up in Folsom!!
11. Figuring out the best place to put a christmas tree that Max won't destroy??
12. Listening to Max "talk" to himself and his stuft animals.
13. Our fisher price nativity that Max plays with all day. He loves to chuck the baby Jesus because its the most ball like :) haha

I am not sure what it says about my life that such simple things bring me such great joy. I think its a good sign because theres not much going on in it most of the time!

1 comment:

  1. These times will soon be gone (yes it'll be years but...)they are to be treasured. Continue to enjoy and adapt to these times because it only gets harder, i mean, more challenging. The joy increases as well!!