Friday, December 23, 2011

Things We have Done This Week:

-Went to The Zoo to see the Lights-Max LOVED this! Will do again next year.
-Made lots of goodies and ate lots too.
-Went to Target almost everyday
-Went to the Park everyday and twice sometimes
-Worked on the Christmas puzzle
-Went to Dovewood Court to see the lights
-Went to another house to see the lights-Max tried to unplug them all.
-Had a pizza party after a long day of shopping
-Visited old friends
-Went to a funny white elephant party
-Stayed up way to late and got up bright and early
- Saw Santa from a distance-Max was not interested
-Played with lots of balls
-Made candy houses-Max ate his weight in candy
-Uncle Tom came home from VA
-Wrapped lots of gifts and drank some egg nog-yum!

We are loving our Christmas vacation. Larry had today off so we have been making the best of finally having him home. I wanted him to feel like he had some sort of break even though he is still working but done with school. We have tried to do things every night to make it feel someone like a vacation. I want him to know how thankful I am for all his hard work and letting him relax, watch sports, and eat whatever he wants is a good way to show him that! I think its the little things that make you remember special holidays. We really have loved taking Max to see the lights because his face lights up and he is so interesting in seeing the bright sparkling houses. He loves being in the hustle and bustle of crowds and gets excited when he sees other kids out doing the same thing. I will say it 100 times how much sweeter these holidays are with kids. I totally get it now! Hopefully we can cram in as much fun things as possible before it all ends.

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