Monday, December 19, 2011

18 Months Old

Where has the time gone? Max is officially 18 months and is such a big boy. He still has baby moments but he is all boy. He loves to climb, jump, play outside, go to the park multiple times a day, loves balls and basketball. He has learned to move chairs to where he wants them and climb up on them then the table and get candy off of it. He loves to turn the light switches on and off multiple times in a row. He can run so fast and loves to jump and hop. He can climb up the play structure and go down the slides on his tummy all by himself. He loves to swing, wrestle and jump on the couches. He has had many bumps, bruises and cuts. If he has a chance to run outside he takes it and kicks and screams when I drag him back in. He loves living with his grandpa and grandma and has a lot of people to play with him. He is a big boy and goes right into nursery and loves playing with kids. He likes to share his food and shove it in your mouth. Anything that has a button that lights up and requires pushing he wants to play with. He Can Say: Mom, Dad, Baby, Ball, Outside, Juice. Thats about it haha. He does understand about 100 other words and its easy to comunicate with him which is nice. He talks all day long and sings to himself in his langage. He screams loud and has learned about throwing fits and time outs.

He really is a typical boy who wants to play and move constantly until its bed time or nap time. He is still a great little sleeper and napper its very nice for a pregnant mom. He is in the 50% for weight 30% for height and his head is in the 100% haha. He has 20 teeth that he uses to eat everything with and sometimes bite your feet if your not watching. He likes Curious George and Winnie The Pooh (because he has them as stuft animals) We LOVE him so much its hard to comprehend how much he has changed our lives for the better. He makes me laugh, cry, feel frustrated all in one day. Its challenging chasing after him but I really would not want to do anything else. He loves when his dad gets home to gobble him up and tire him out and they has special bath time where the bathroom looks blown up after Larry is done bathing Max. So glad we get to be his parents! Happy 18 months big brother Max!!

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