Saturday, May 2, 2015

Larry's 32!!

Happy birthday to Larry!! 32 seems old. Ha! We didn't do too much for the big day because I had just had my d&c done that week. Friday night my mom watched the kids while I took him shopping and to dinner! It is so nice to get away and have a quite meal. It was some kids proms so it was fun to watch all the girls in their way to short dresses try to maneuver through the restaurant. We did meet all our friends at the park on his actual birthday (Sunday) and have root beer floats. The next day for FHE we had cake and ice cream with the Martin and Harris cousins and then that weekend we saw Avengers and went to Cheesecake factory with the adults. It was a fun night to get away and to celebrate Larry. I was glad we celebrated 3 times to keep our minds from being sad. We are gearing up for graduation in 2 weeks and I think Larry is pretty excited to say the least! Happy Birthday to the best husband and dad around here! 32 is a big year for you!!

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