Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Real Over here...

So I went to the dr. on Thursday, just a post D&C check up to see how I am doing. I got on the stinking scale like they make you do at every appointment and low and behold I am 10 pounds more then I've ever been (except pregnancies) I had been feeling pretty bad about myself and also guilty for how much I gained during those first 3 months of pregnancy trying to push back the nausea I had suffered for so long. I've been feeling pretty bad about myself and this was just the cherry on top! I came home and quickly yelled at Larry why he hadn't told me I'd gotten so fat. He rolled his eyes at me and said I looked no different so it was just a hormonal thing. It's been pretty bad, not only did I loose a baby but I got fat and now have no baby to nurse it off or to show for my ever changing body. Also if I hear one more person is pregnant I feel like I might die! I better go to bed, or hit the gym. Let's hope I wake up happy and not fat or circle-y as I use to call it in college.

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