Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life lately...

  • Summer officially started on Friday! 
  • Larry started BARBRI and always has his face in a book, compute screen, or flash card. We don't see him much. 
  • I've already gotten my first sun burn. 
  • Scout cut another tooth...that makes 6! 
  • Noah is on the verge of potty training, or so we say :) 
  • My mom and I went do to fresno for the day for a cousins wedding, we took scout it was nice to be in the temple. Made me remember how in love I was with Larry when we were sealed almost 8 years ago. 
  • Spent a few hours helping my Grandpa get his new IPOD touch all updated. He was so sweet and grateful. He is amazing at 92 using an IPOD touch. Love that man. 
  • Noah and Scout went shopping with me the other day at Target...I think we should be a on a Target commercial we are there so often. 
  • I've been taking lots of pictures of the three kids in our everyday life...don't want to miss a moment or memory. 
  • Max has discovered a love for all things Star Wars and finally got to watch the movies. He really wanted to see how Darth Vader died. 
  • We've went swimming almost every day last week. 
  • We go to Texas in 13 days!! 
  • I've been dying to get away with Larry and have been brain storming where we could escape to. 
  • I'm starting to plan Max's Ninjago lego party it's going to be awesome! 
  • Max goes around singing the star wars theme song everywhere.
  • Max and Noah have been playing so well together. They play ninjas and power rangers or star wars and get all their swords out and fight. 
  • Tonight they made a naked army...Scout was in her diaper so Noah stripped down to his and Max took off his clothes and was in his undies. They all ran around with scout crawling behind she thought it was the best. She loves being included with them. 
We are excited for summer and all the things that come along with it. I am a bit nervous as Larry stopped working a week ago and we got his last check for the entire summer on friday. It will be a bit stressful for me to manage all our finances but I know that he has to put in the time to study and he is going to pass if he does! 

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