Friday, May 8, 2015

Celebrating Larry's JD!

We got all dressed up and celebrated Larry's graduation with a dinner downtown with 100 of his closes graduates ;) Actually we did sit at a table with his entire study group and their families and spouses. In the 4 years of school I had only met one of the person he faithfully studied with. I was a little checked out of law school things because lets face it I've been busy having kids. Larry also worked so much he never attended many of the social events also because a good number happened at bars and clubs and it isn't really our scene. Who wants to see a pregnant lady at a club? Or us pulling up in the mini van?! Right?! It was nice to get out and relax and actually relish in the fact that this is almost over!! A lot of sacrifice, blood sweat and tears went into this JD and we look forward to seeing it pay off in the future. The food was good and the endless diet cokes were awesome. It was in a beautiful courtyard, I wish I had snapped a few pictures but I'm glad I remembered to grab one of us! The original team, Now we have 3 more members are depending on us to make their lives awesome. Through out this entire endeavor I had to constantly remind myself about the end game and the goal we started off so many years ago in what seems like a different life. We've come along way from out tiny college apartments in Utah, and while I look back and miss those days of just the 2 of us going to school and how simple it was, It's nice to see we've made progress and we've grown in lots of different ways. To the next big step...The Bar! 

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