Saturday, May 30, 2015

Max's LMNO Preschool Graduation!!

My Sweet Max graduated from Preschool on Friday night. His preschool is so amazing and he has loved his year at LMNO. He has grown so much and learned a lot this last year. He has made some really great friends and has learned to share, express himself better, and listen to other adults. He was timid to go last September but would leave the house now waving bye mom see ya later. He has learned to write his numbers, letters, recognize some sight words, and can sing some awesome songs. He got to go on a lot of fun field trips, have some great class parties! He loved his teachers Miss Shannon and Miss Megan who he see at church too.

His graduation was SO cute. They had a fun program with songs, jokes, and they even marched in to the normal graduation pomp and circumstance....I almost melted when he walked in the very last guy he was so nervous, and had a small little smirk across his face. He loved being with his buds as he calls them. He sand a solo song about the number 4, he was so proud and brave. He also did a funny joke about dinosaurs. I teared up when they talked about the unit they did on babies and Max got to bring in scout when she was just 5 months old. He was SO proud to bring his baby sister in and show her off. All the little kids loved her and got to learn about babies and hold her. Max was beaming with pride and as Miss Shannon was recalling the event he was smiling so big. I almost lost it, it was so sweet to remember that.

 I have so many emotions and mixed feelings as he leaves this little preschool and enters public school. I have a lot of fears as a mother and I always felt 100% confident that Max would be loved and safe at his preschool. I knew he would learn and be boosted up! It is scary to send him off into the next phase of life.

I had to add that on the way to the graduation Max feel asleep in the car. Poor guy had a late night before and was tired from all his playing through the week. We had to wake him up and he was crying and grumpy and I thought OH NO this might not go to well. I finally said to him if he could wake up, put a smile on and do amazing he could pick out a small lego. In 2 seconds flat he stood up smiled and went right up there! That kid! Legos are the key to his heart. I also had to add he was smoking hot mad about being in church clothes and the second everything was done he changed right back into his "comfy clothes." It's the little things that make him who is is right? Even though they test me!

We had a fun night with his friends from preschool and took lots of pictures. It might be silly to some but it was so special to watch all these little kids so excited. I love being able to do things like this for Max. It makes him feel loved, brights him out of his shell and shows him that learning matters. Noah was excited to know he will be able to graduate from LMNO in a few years.  I'm so happy for Max to see him grow but also so sad. I wish he could stay a little boy so sweet and innocent forever. I wish I could keep him sheltered and safe, but I know my job is to make him the best responsible, loving, kind, high achieving Man he can be and I am trying my hardest and so is he!


Pictured above is the girl Max says he is going to marry. Her name is Taylee Rinicki they use to be in our ward long ago. I had to snap a picture just in case you never know...BYU 2027?! Also Megan and Shannon had the cutest display at the front...and yes they used our church building, loving the picture of Christ in the background! Out of the 12 in their class 7 are moving on to K.


Sweet Max getting up to the microphone! There were close to 70 people there!! Way to go buddy you are so awesome and brave. You made me to proud!! His teachers also made him the best memory book around! I can't say enough about how awesome his preschool was!! 

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