Thursday, May 28, 2015

3 Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!!

Some afternoons when Scout has just woken up from her afternoon nap I have Max run in to get her...well to greet her he can't pull her out of the crib yet. Most times Noah follows along and into the crib they all end up  jumping around and tackling each other. Scout loves it, she is the most excited baby alive when you come to grab her from her crib. It's like she is psyched to be up after a good nap she just shrieks with happiness and always as you pull her up and out of the crib she kicks and pumps her little legs, it's the best thing. I am currently hearing her scream with delight from her crib as I type this. I tell you if your a sad person come hang around her because she will make you feel happiness.

Anyways I found these 3 yesterday jumping around in the crib. Of course being the mom I am I made them take some pictures and then let them play a little more while I tried to clean up the room. If you notice in the pictures the lovely puzzles everywhere and not pictured the extra bed in Scouts room with legos all over them. of course up on the bed so Max can play and Scout can't crawl up and eat the's a big problem in this house...Scout the lego eater! More on that later. For now enjoy my lovely children who I can't say it enough love with all my heart.

Another thing I say a million times is how loved Scout is. Look at that sweet Noah giving her a kiss. Do you think she just loves her brothers as well?? That one picture of her looking at Max, I can just hear her screaming at him with excitement. Another note worthy thing to remember is Noah's outfit..he did not wear that at the beginning of the day but fell asleep on the floor in the morning and peed through his original more put together outfit. AH motherhood. These are the moments I want to remember...why does everyone have to grow up and grow old? Not a fan. For now I will write down as many memories and take a thousand pictures so I can remember these babies of mine. 

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