Monday, May 11, 2015

Larry's Law School Graduation

Did you guys just read that?? After 4 long years he is finally done with law school! It has been a long journey with  finishing his first year of school down in San Diego to finishing up here in Sacramento. For those of you who didn't know Larry had been working full time at a law firm for the last 4 years then driving downtown to go to school 3-4 nights a week and some Saturdays...for the last 4 years! In those years we have moved and had 2 babies. It has been crazy and almost at times comical. I have fallen into a routine with him being gone so often people will ask me how I will feel when he is finally home and I think I have no clue, it will be weird to introduce him back into our routine but I am so excited for all the extra help in those long evenings. It is particularly hard to juggle bathing 3 kids and putting them to bed alone not to mention FHE and the one night a week I am at mutual which my mom so graciously has watched them for the last 3 years almost.

The actual graduation was hectic and crazy. It was right in the middle of naps and we were having lots of conflicts with different parties going on in the late afternoon. We got there just in time to snap a family photo then get our seats. The ceremony was long and both boys fell asleep on the ground. We actually had to leave a tiny bit early to get Max to a birthday party he had been dying to go to so I snuck out early with all three kids to get Max there so we didn't see Larry go across the stage but its fine the boys were totally clueless to what was happening. My parents and grandpa came as well to support which was nice.

Later that night we had a big open house celebration for Larry. The house was totally decorated with big posters and signs grandpa made and we had lots of people come and go and congratulate the grad! We could not have done this without all the friends and family that supported us during these years. It was a fun night to remember and to also acknowledge what a big deal this actually was! Sometimes I would get grumpy over the years and feel like it was so long with was anti climactic but my mom made it clear it was something that needed to be celebrated and so we partied hard!

I really am so proud of Larry and all the balancing he has had to do over the years. We've come a long way and we are almost done! Larry plans to take the California Bar in July and continue back at his firm in August. He is taking 10 weeks off to study and take this massive life changing test. I try my best to not ponder on the test and just encourage and be's all on him to pass and I know he can do it! He is taking a big study class for 8 weeks and not working just to prepare for it! So everyone wish us luck we are almost there!!

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