Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Sleepy Scout

Nothing, and I mean nothing is better then watching a baby sleep. It is the most calming, safe feeling watching this precious baby sleep. I have hundreds of pictures of my sleeping kids. Noah in particular I have a lot of because there is something so nice in watching him so innocent even though he is so crazy when he is awake.

Watching scout the other day sleeping as Larry drove us home from a fun Saturday at the park and lunch made my heart burst. I love watching her tiny features I had to grab a picture. She is growing up so fast before I know it she will be a toddler. I am trying to remember every tiny detail of her. I feel like I just keep shoveling more and more memories into my brain trying to capture it all before she vanishes before my eyes. It is honestly giving me this panicked feeling of how cruel time is and how fast it goes by. It makes me heartsick at times.

For now I will document it all, every sleeping picture and every moment I feel totally content with my life. Oh I much I love this darling girl! We were so blessed when she joined our family!

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