Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rain In May!

As I was preparing dinner tonight the skies opened up and poured some rain down on our seriously in need of rain state! We were so happy and thankful for the storm. There has been a drought the last 4 or so years in California so in my kids life time they have never really seen a real California wet winter so every time it rains it is a blessing and a treat! The boys get out their boots and coats and think it's the best thing to go check it out. I thought tonight about the drought and how sad and worried I am sometimes for my kids lives. Things have changed, weather and environments. Things that were once normal aren't anymore. I am not crazy eco person but I do worry about the impact we have on the world and what kind of earth my kids will be growing up in. I read an article the other day about a mega drought being as bad as the dust bowl in the 1930s. Larry says I shouldn't read stuff like that, it was like when the Eboli outbreak happened  in the fall and I was sure we should maybe buy some hazmat suits. Anyways instead of getting on a tangent I will enjoy the rain and pray for more at least so my kids can get a kick out of it and maybe are grass won't die this summer :) 

Scout girl was mesmerized by the rain. I know she has seen it before but only when she was a littler baby now she is more alert and can see whats going on. She hasn't seen much in her short little life so if was fun to see her reaction and every time the thunder got loud she'd look over at me for reassurance and get all startled. She is a beauty. Sorry if you get sick of reading that. 
Noah got all his stuff on and matched right outside to check it all out. Max was inside complaining about the lightning and thunder. So typical their black and white personalties. These big brown eyes are one of my favorite features on Noah. Also love him in his hunter boots they have been perfect for all their hikes they go on with my mom. 

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