Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend.

This last weekend we soaked up the beautiful weather California had to offer! We also knew that Larry would be staring his BarBri prep on Tuesday and now we won't see him very often for the next 10 weeks. I took full advantage of him being around and did lots of fun things together!

Friday night we hung out with all our wonderful friends. We are blessed with so many different friends in our lives...really it's so awesome to have so many people we can do stuff with, I feel and know how lucky I am! We had a BBQ and the kids played, the moms talked, and the dads watched the basketball game. There were a few screaming kids at the end but everyone had a great time!

  We tried so hard to get a picture of all the kids! Haha I think a few are missing still.... 

{My three crazies!} 

Saturday we went out to Roseville in the morning to run an errand then met up with the Harris Family at the dino park my kids love. We had lunch and the kids played through the afternoon! I got one picture of Larry lounging with 2 kids...I'm sure Noah is giving Larry and ear full about some story he is making up! 

Sunday we went to church, then spent the evening at the Harris eating dinner with them and the Martins. It is always so fun to get together. The kids are so creative and come up with the most funny things like making a prom or playing orphanage.  Monday we decided to hit Cameron Park lake and enjoy the warming up weather. My kids love the lake and will swim and play for hours. Scout was a mess. She was crawling around the sand...ingesting who knows how much of it. She did have a fun time though. It's going to be a hard summer with her balancing her naps and also her not walking yet...I hope it happens soon! 


We had such a fun weekend, and a great kick off to summer. We had so many fun things planned to keep us busy while Larry is super busy studying. Also can you tell that I can't get enough of this girl?? We look forward to all the tan lines we will be getting the next few months!

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