Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Instagram Love.

Okay so you all know my goal this year was to better document my family. I have tried to keep this updated and to add things as I remember them so I can look back later on. I have also been keeping my journals for the kids which one day I hope they look at...well I hope they hug and cherish them but lets get real. Anyways I have also for the last 3 or so years posted daily on Instagram. I have loved getting to remember quick moments and share them with friends and family. It is kind of amazing and scary how connected we all are. I do love feeling like I am still in close contact with my best friend Jill who lives in Texas. I love seeing her photos pop up on Instagram and It makes me feel like I'm up to date on her life. We talk lots as well but it's a neat peak into everyday life. I have also found this awesome company that will print my Instagram photos off and send them to me. It is almost no work and I LOVE keeping these books around and feel like I am trying my best to keep our family lives documented.

We had a relief society night a few weeks back about documenting your legacy. The night was dedicated to learning different ways to share your family and life story. Why it is important to keep these memories alive. Sometimes I wonder if I will look back and feel sad, or embarrassed or if I even will care to look back but I know I will regret it I don't try my hardest to get these things down! So kids if your reading this later on in life know that I tried! And Old AnnMarie look at all the things you did to remember this season of your life. Okay that is sad picturing me old..moving on!

Anyways I am so happy for all these ways to keep the memories of our legacy going. We aren't perfect, we fail a lot, I cry and yell too much BUT we love each other and we are slowly making memories and traditions as a family that I do hope will last for generations to come. I personally know how much a good or even worse a bad influence can effect generations. So check us out on instagram..or don't because it is a million pictures of my kids and our everyday life.

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