Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We love...

Larry and I have started watching Biggest Loser this season, and we know we have jumped on the bandwagon a bit late but we are loving this show. Its our Tuesday night treat tuning in and eating some ice cream as we watch these people work their butts off to loose weight. It is highly inspirational and you get attached to the people. I have ones I like and ones I don't like and I cheer when they get to stay and when they get voted that mean? Larry says I get to wrapped up in it but it gets intense during the weight ins! We also love the Mormon represntation this season. There was 6 Mormon players and we have been rooting for them...the represent proudly!

Not should start? These people have lost serious more then I weighed when I was pregnant wowza! I do feel guilty as I sit on my couch and watch them work their butts off, but its okay because I am active and small....and I'm super paranoid and self-conscious so I don't think I will ever weight as much as they did...well I hope not. I do love the trainers thought and I would love to get a workout with them.

I love a random Tuesday night date with my husband!!


  1. We love that show too! There were 8 Mormons (the white team that is at home in Ogden).