Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hate money.

I do, I really do.
And I could scream it at the top of my lungs. Why is it that it goes so fast and that its always on things you don't want to spend it on. Like a storage unit? Or a cleaning deposit an apartment that I already constantly clean. Or gas and food. Sometimes at the end of the day I am like okay I bought gas and paid one bill, I hope we can eat. AHH it is so frustrating.

I have been discouraged lately about money, jobs, and just life in general. How is it that it seems like you always need two incomes to get the normal things in life: car, house, food, clothes. And that even though you have education, and your husband is getting a great education you pray at the end of the day he will actual get a job, because news flash you have BIG bills to pay in order to get that education to get the great job and the good paycheck...

Overload right? It is what I think constantly...what is the point of it all? We have worked so hard and still have a long haul to go, but in the end are we going to be able to pay those bills and have me still be at home raising our children. And is there going to be children or just child because that adds to the expenses too!

I know I know we will be blessed for making these sacrifices but will we be happy? I am afraid that we will stretch ourselves so thin having me stay at home being a mom that in the end there will be no happiness in our home, just stress about money and our life choices. So I leave you with theses thoughts because my brain might explode.


  1. oh man, this is what we're getting into, huh? :) i can't wait! haha no, really I'm sorry its so rough honey. it will get better, he'll find a great job in two years and you'll be thrilled! love!


  2. You are already headed in the right direction...Larry has a job this summer and is building experience and networking, and you will actually get to save $ this summer! Oh, and a cleaning deposit? Did you find a place for when you come back?