Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This day in history:

4 years ago today I got engaged. Holy cow. Wasn't I just 20 and a newlywed getting a taste of finally living with a male who wasn't my brothers? Time flies....sorta. Over the last 4 years we have had some rough times and some really great times...that's life I suppose. I look back on those times with bitter sweet memories. The time around our engagement and wedding wasn't met with excitement from all parties and to tell the truth I just wanted to get it all over with so that the drama surrounding it would pass.

There was a lot of tears and hurtful comments so I sometimes look back on those few short months with bitterness and resentment. All those memories fade though when I remember being alone with Larry in the Oakland temple knowing it didn't matter what people thought or said because we knew for certain we were making a righteous decision and we would be blessed...and blessed we have been: Law school, nursing school, baby max, living in Utah, Virginia & California...really its been non-stop for us and things just keep on changing.
But how cute were we? seriously I was like 19 in these pictures, time flies.

Now onto MAX of course!!.....
Today also is the 10 month marker for fat baby {I guess toddler} Max! That little boy is 100% boy. He loves to demolish everything that is in his path and knows how to use those lungs. He loves to wrestle with his dad and shrieks with delight when he is around. Seriously the second Max wakes up he is looking for his dad. He crawls and stands and "walks" along things and will stand for a couple of seconds before sitting down or falling down. He loves to eat everything and has 6 teeth. He is wiggly and never sits still. He has gotten 2 hair cuts and probably needs another one right now. I love his fat squishy thunder thighs and his bright baby blue eyes and long lashes and the way he squishes his face when he is fussing.

He loves when I line up all his little toys on the TV table and one by one he knocks them down. He loves to play peek a boo, getting sung to, and any cord that is laying around is his for the taking.He is also pretty smart. If I hide something like my phone or the remote he usually will go and find it when I am not looking and the second the bathroom door is open he b-lines it to the tub and yells until I put him in it. I love him and I am so happy he is my fat Max. Happy 10 months toddler boy! You are my favorite.

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