Sunday, April 24, 2011

We come full circle.

4 years ago Larry and I lived in El Dorado Hills, now we are back! So the move went smooth-ish. My brothers helped me out and we moved some on Friday and Saturday. It was pretty stressful for me doing this alone without a husband. Looking back I needed to chill out and just let it happen and not rush it all but I just wanted to stuff everything in our storage unit and go...get out of San Diego leave that awful apartment and the awful lonely year of school behind.

Now that we are here unpacked and settled in I feel like I can breath. Larry and I have made a packed to not talk about law school for awhile and try to just enjoy our summer together, and fall back in love. Remember that feeling? {haha} not always stressing and actually enjoying being together WITHOUT a baby always around? I was pretty resentful and bitter trying to move everything while he studied for his finals and took them, sometimes I can be selfish I'm not perfect but I am trying to be better.

Because our move was so crazy and right during the Easter Holiday we barley had time to celebrate, in fact we didn't even have ham for dinner haha we had tri-tip and no Easter egg baskets. It is okay because that is not the reason for the season and I really want to express that to my children as they grow up. My mom did have baskets all around her house with eggs in it that Max has had a great time dumping out and throwing everywhere.

I am grateful for the Easter Season and the fact that I know Christ has risen, and so will I because of him. It is a wonderful thing to be a member of the true church and to get to go to church not only on Easter but every Sunday. I leave you with some funny pictures of Max.

Happy Easter Sunday!

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  1. hey you! So i am here in california visiting for a while and thought, we need to be friends. So i was wondering if you'd like to have a playdate with the max's sometime next week. thoughts? email me @!