Monday, April 18, 2011

Hard Days.

Today was a hard day. Every time Max went down for a nap so did I. I laid in our totally white bed watching House reruns feeling sad about my life. This happens to me every now and again. I get down in the dumps and it rubs off on family life, I have a hard time functioning and the last thing I want to do is get up and be a mom or wife. I think I have a valid point on why I am sad, and Larry agreed that I could be sad all week. Last year at this time I was finishing up school and giving up my second year spot in my nursing program so Larry could start law school. This week all my friends are finishing and I am feeling sad because I wanted to be with them. I look back at the last 10 months feeling like I haven't acomplished much and they have. Yes I have a nursing license, and it really doesn't matter because I am not working and I probably won't ever but I'm still feeling all these emotions this week.

Also Max bit me twice today, alas I have a biter on my hands and I am very perplexed on how to handle it because when he bites I say NO very loud, give him a finger wagging, and a stern look but the boy just stairs up at me with those big blue eyes and laughs. What should I do??

After picking Larry up from a late and long day I ate a bunch of ice cream in bed, and really that didn't fix my hard day or anything I am feeling but it tasted good and that is a start. I hope tomorrow is better. I need to be productive and stop wallowing!


  1. you have accomplished so much more though! You brought a little LIFE into the world and are molding and shaping it into a person! :-)
    Also my advice for biting... do you watch modern fam? You should sing him the song Cam sings Lily. "people are not food, people are not food..." LOL

  2. I think you have every right to wallow. You'll feel better if you let yourself do it too!

    In your inner-most thoughts, you know you are accomplished. But still, it is hard to not think about what could have been. One of the girls I graduated with from the broadcasting program -- that I trained! -- won an Emmy a year ago. I was like "that was supposed to be me!"

    It's hard not to see that and think those thoughts! But you are a strong woman and you can rock it.