Thursday, April 21, 2011

Family Visit:

My family is in TOWN!! My parents and two of my brothers are in town for the week {Tom would be here too but he is on vacation in the Philippines} and it has been non-stop fun. Larry has been studying a ton but has squeezed in some play time as well. My parents main reason really was to come help us move and it's their spring break so it's hopefully been a fun time for them. We spent all day at the San Diego zoo. I was amazed how Max took both his naps in the stroller. It was a miracle day of no melt downs and lots of animal sight seeing. It was beautiful weather with overcast skies and cool breezes, really perfect zoo weather. We saw some turtles mating and some polar bears pooping. Larry was bummed because he was at the school all day studying but we took him to dinner to make up for it. It was fun to be there with my family and show them around.

Today we went to the USS Midway. It is an old aircraft carrier docked here in San Diego and is a permeate museum. We spent all afternoon roaming the decks the airplanes and all the insides of this huge ship. It was really cool and brought back memories of when I was little and we went a vacation and went on a aircraft carrier that was still in use. It was cool to think my Grandparents were on ships like this. I have 3 grandparents that are WWII vets and it is amazing to see it up close. We also walked around Sea Port Village and showed them downtown.

We also hit up the Mormon Battalion. We had never visited it and it was so COOL. Seriously we have been to a lot of church history sites and this by far was the coolest. It is really interactive and hands on and at the end the take this cool picture of you. They email it and print it out, its so fun. It was fun to mingle with all the sisters and pan for gold at the end of the tour. Anyone that comes to San Diego really needs to come here. We also went up and walked around the temple in the evening before going to dinner. Tomorrow will be moving, and some more sight seeing. I LOVE being with my family and am so happy we are moving up on Saturday to spend all summer with them. I feel so blessed and lucky right now!

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