Saturday, April 9, 2011

My helper Max

Max likes to help me pack...a little too much. It takes me an hour to pack one box. I think I was faster at packing when I was huge and pregnant.

It is Saturday and Larry is studying, aren't we lucky? I have been packing a box, taking it down stairs into our garage, and then slowly driving things over to the storage unit so when we actual move we only have the furniture to move because the day we move out is the last day Larry has a final...convenient right, or maybe just crazy?

I am trying hard not to be resentful of Larry because he can't help out, and lets be honest he would help if he could. I am so grateful he is studying so hard to make our lives better and to have it be possible for me to stay home and raise my fat max. I forget how good I have it sometimes.

1 comment:

  1. Atleast Max is trying to help, to bad he doesn't know he's just in the way. I miss his chunky self. I want to see you so bad this summer. Maybe I'll come over and visit EDH. humm. maybe.