Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I feel like the little engine that could.

Yesterday and today have been long days. Larry has been putting in countless hours at the school studying for his finals, leaving me at home for 14 hours to take care of Max. These last 2 days I have learned somethings.

I can do HARD THINGS. I can! I have successfully moved almost everything from our apartment down into our garage and now after a long sweaty day over to our storage unit. I have juggled boxes, car rides, moving things all while entertaining Max and making sure his needs are met. I feel like wonder women a little bit, because I have done everything without Larry and am kinda like hurrah to me, I am women hear me roar...kinda thing :)

I have also learned I love Max more then ever. Seriously he has been a champ crawling over boxes, suitcases and letting me cart him around everywhere and constantly take things away from him he shouldn't have. Yesterday while packing the bathroom I stuck him in the tub and he was loving being able to take a bath in the middle of the day for no reason! Also yesterday I took him on a lunch date at subway and he really is so funny. He sat in the highchair bouncing up and down to the music eating his chips and bread and loving being out of our house and his car seat!

The last thing I have learned is that I don't know how many times more we will move but I am hoping its not to many more times, because I might die! If I have to pack another box I might cry, but It will all be worth it if Larry loves his job this summer and we can actually see each other again not in passing. I think if we can just get over the hurdle of this week we will make it out of this first year of law school alive and happy! My family is coming next week to hang out and then we are outta San Diego for awhile!

And I will leave you with me and my bud.

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