Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday Tower...

I got to take a nap with Noah after church today. It was much called for and so heavenly to sleep off the last two months of sickness and exhaustion. To many alone nights for this mom while Larry was studying I was staring into the brink of exhaustion and at my breaking point. Funny how a sunday nap can refresh you and bring me right back up to a happier mood. Larry must have known or seen the bags under my eyes or the smoke coming out of my ears. Either way when I woke up Larry showed me the tower he had made with Max. It made my heart swell to know that he took advantage of the alone time with Max and instead of putting a movie on he built and played with Max. I am sure Max felt so loved and the center of his dads world with some one on one time. Check that baby out, the did a good job making a huge tower that I am sure Max loved tipping over when they were done.  

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