Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Normal Afternoon...

A typical day for us starts out with us going somewhere in the morning,either the library, our music class, maybe the park or a play place. Then we come home and do afternoon naps and I try to either get dinner ready, clean, craft, or sleep as well, or blog! Then we spend the later part of the afternoon outside waking up form those naps, and getting our energy out. The boys play well outside and it keeps the mess out there. Our yard is so big we need to enjoy the space to play. The playhouse is new and a surprise from my dad who spoils these boys so much. They have loved playing house, getting the kitchen all set up and hanging out inside it.  


Love this lttile piggy face who thinks it is funny to lock me outside. Look I make an appearance in a photo! Ha! Also notice the shorts I am wearing in April. There is many reasons to hate california, the politics and the cost of living but man the weather takes the cake! Love it here. 


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