Thursday, April 4, 2013

Second Generation Friends...

Jill and Kara came to down at the same time this month and we were all able to get together!! Cortney and Cari came along as well we have 9 kids between us all right now! And yes I have the only boys. We hit the library because it was raining and cold then went to Jill's parents house and fed the kids and let them play in their upstairs playroom. It was so nice being back in their home, so many memories from high school flooded back. These girls are my very best fiends, and the closest thing I have to sisters. It is so fun to have gone through highs school, college, and now motherhood with them. We sat around for along time talking about life, the future, and our kids. Everyone is doing the same thing, staying home and trying hard to be the best mother and wife they can be. It is such a relief to know we have similar struggles and can give each other different advice because we all see things differently at times. I loved getting together even though it was a short afternoon. We keep talking about doing a girls trip, we will see if we can swing it sometimes in the next 5 years ha! 

Top row: Ruby & Indy Hobson (Kara's girls) and new baby June (cari's) 
middle row: Gwen Nethercott(cari's) Nora & Carmen Taylor (Jills girls) 
Bottom row: Noah & Max and Cambria Wood (cort's) 

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