Sunday, April 14, 2013

March Killed Us...

March has been a rough one...and yes I know its like 2 weeks into April. A plague  of teething, barfing, pooping, snot, and ALOT of crying has entered into our house. It has taken every bit of sanity from me. My house is a disaster zone...really a big bottle of bleach needs to put dumped 5 times over. 

Literally just yesterday while I was changing a watering disaster of a diaper of Max's, I look over and Noah smiles then pukes right next to me. 

Theses are the things I am talking much much grossness..

On top of it all the teething is just nonstop crying, drooling, nose running mess. And guess what?? not one single tooth has emerged from Noahs mouth!! 

This weekend really put the cherry on top with Larry taking a weekend long class, meaning I was in the trenches solo. 

OKAY but besides all that, some great stuff did happen. We had some best friends come and visit which I will blog about soon. Noah turned one (we did nothing) and there was some rare snuggling moments form both of the boys. 

Lets hope this next week brings us to and end of the 2013 plague of death. 

Here is some cute pictures of my boys on a happy moment I got to capture. Oh man I love them.  

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