Monday, April 8, 2013

Sick AGAIN!!

Okay I don't know if it is because it rained, or because the world just hates me. But my boys are sick again. It's not the nice little cold but the gross poop and puke everywhere kinda sickness. The sickness that makes you wonder why in the world did we every have kids because now we have to clean this mess up.

Can you tell I am dying?? We just had sickness?? I tried to go out with the boys, run a few errands take them to the park. We had 2 explosive diapers one from each boy, it was gross everywhere and I was frantically trying to clean it all up in a public bathroom.

Then a miracle happened the boys fell asleep on the way home...SAY WHAT??

I was so excited I even brag on instagram. Yes fist pump to me, now they will sleep away their sickness and grumpiness and I can watch TV all afternoon right?!! haha so wrong. Oh so wrong, both boys woke up and puked everywhere. So about 15 minutes after this picture came this...

 Baths to clean up all the mess. I love that this always happens to me and never when Larry is watching them. I did eventually get them cleaned up, clothes washes, car cleaned, and they are now watching a movie. Hopefully this is a quick bug and they will be better tomorow. But man alive I swear it has been our year for sickness. I almost can't wait for it to get hot because normally we never get sick during the summer but who knows, maybe the world is against us right now and the puke epidemic will continue on. 

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