Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Larry!!

Larry is officially old! Ha! 30 years old! That is a big deal right?? We had a fun dinner party for him and I wished once again I grabbed more pictures. The problem is I am busy getting things ready, setting up food, cleaning, keeping kids happy that I forget to get it all documented. I spent a while decorating the house and then had the family room set up for dinner. We had the Woods, Nethercott's, Sanders, and Turners over for dinner. I made pulled pork, sweet potato fries, salads, and then we did root beer floats for dessert! All the kids played in the backyard, the women chatted, and the guys played basketball and ping pong in the garage, I had even decorated in there! They were play some crazy game with their shirts off at some point. I love that Larry is friends with all my friends husbands it works out so well! It was special celebrating him. We did a game that everyone had to guess certain things like how much a gallon of milk cost in 1983 or who was the president, what was the median income things like that. The winner got a snickers bar! I loved making him feel special and celebrating his big 30!! Happy Birthday Larry we love you so much!! 30 looks pretty good on you!! Can't wait to have a huge 40th ten years from now! Whoop whoop! 


Reasons I love Larry...

  • He is so funny, makes me laugh constantly
  • He works so hard, I know no matter what he would take a job just so he could provide for our family 
  • Loves me unconditionally...I am so secure and sure of this 
  • Is a hottie! 
  • Loves our kids, thinks the world of them. 
  • Is grateful I want to be a stay at home mom
  • Is ambitious
  • Wants to take me to Europe some day, hopefully soon! 
  • Is a good example to others 
  • Treats people with respect and kindness 
  • Loves his siblings
  • Loves music 
  • Wants the best for us and is trying so hard to be able to achieve those goals 
  • Is goal oriented 
  • Makes the kids laugh 
  • Lets me have time off to shop, hang out, or sleep 
  • Has a strong testimony of the gospel
  • Fulfills his calling weekly 
  • Supports me in my calling even when it takes over our lives sometimes (crazy yw!) 
  • Saves me the last diet coke!
  • Brings me flowers because he knows I love them in the house
  • Appreciates my meals, and trying to cook better 
  • Notices when things are extra clean and says it! 
  • Gives the boys baths when he is home, sings them songs, plays with them.
  • Takes me on date 
  • Kisses me like we are still newlyweds 
  • Goes to the temple with me 
  • Has good taste in clothes, and home goods. 
  • Is reliable 

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