Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Venturing down to the river.


The American River is right behind Larry's work. We will meet at a certain spot a lot and have lunch or feed the ducks. We have even brought down the kayaks a few times and gone around the little lagoon. Max is getting more comfortable in the water and even took a dip in today. It was still a little chilly being the end of April but it was nice to be out in the sunshine and It makes me excited to see what he does this summer in the water! Just another average day in our household. Trying to get out and get their energy out! I always laugh and say my goal for the day is to get their energy out so they will sleep well at night, it's so true and kinda sad at times that that is my goal for the day..I guess I should say to have fun and get tired or something! 

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