Monday, April 29, 2013

Can you tell I've given up for the week??

Even as I type this I feel like I've given up for the week, can it just be the weekend? I know I know...the days are long but the years are short right? Well I'm feeling the long days today. Dinner is Cheetos eaten off the floor. Sometimes things seem so light and airy on here, like things are so wonderful and they really are. But the reality is that sometimes I fail at being a mom. The selfish side of me comes out and I am to tired to give it my all. I know really my kids don't care sweet Cheetos for dinner they say but if they only knew that sometimes I feel like a little part of me dies every time I give in and let the selfish side creep in. I always tell myself when Larry is done with law school, or when I have him at home to help me at night things will be better, easier. I don't know if that is true, the demands are still there if not more as these boys get bigger. But for now I'll call tonight a win,  because at least they are eating something right? and have diapers on! Good thing tomorow is always a new day and there is the weekend to have a husband around to help! Hurray for that! 

Also how sweet is Max, giving Noah that chip? Such loving brothers, maybe I am not doing such a bad job after all! ;) 

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