Friday, May 3, 2013

Freshly Bathed Babes...

We are very much into routine around here. The boys always get a bath at bedtime, get in jammies, and get stories. Now that it is getting lighter later into the evening it is harder to get them inside to go to bed. It always makes me laugh that once I've washed their bodies, got them all ready to sleep that they escape outside to play some more and basically get messy all over again. Sometimes it is nice because they can get their wiggles out other times it can feel like double the work. Sometimes I try to be the fun mom and let it slide, their only young once. Other times the grumpy tired single mom comes out and I lock them in the house as they are screaming and crying to go outside. I always prefer the later mom...that mom has had enough sleep, drank a lot of diet coke, and is not feeling the stress of being alone so often. I like that mom much better then the ugly grumpy one that comes out all to often at night. Tonight I let them play, get dirty again and have a great time. But you bet I did not re-bath them and they went right to bed in those probably dirty jammies! :) That's real life right there people! 

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