Friday, May 17, 2013

Funny Things About Max...

Lately I have noticed that Max really likes to line things up. I am trying to be a funner mom and actually play with Max more not just have him do it alone, which he is good at but I want him to remember me sitting by him playing on the floor. I know he won't remember how clean are house was, or if I looked nice that day, or If we ate a delish gourmet meal, but he will remember his mother taking the time to play with him. The best days are when I give up any agenda and just play with my kids. I am happier and so are they.

I have noticed though in all this playing that Max really likes things just such. It is almost frustrating to the point of crying (on my part) when he gets angry that a toy won't stand up a certain way, or doesn't work like he thinks it should function. I have looked for toys that can't break easy, have easy functions and are easy for him to hold. I know also that he would love certain toys but his patience just ins't ready for them yet. I go out of my way to make things just right so he doesn't get angry because of his personality.

I have found that chunky toys would well and things he already loves like tractors and cars. He has a big collection of hot wheels that works well. Every time he goes to target if he is good he gets to pick our a 97 cent one. I love watching his little imagination develop and grow. He is starting to role play with the toys a little and likes when I join in. He had the army men saving all the princesses the other day which was so cute, he lined them all up, just like his cars! Oh how I love learning from him. I have learned a lot of patiences and to plan ahead and be prepared for all his little ocd needs!


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