Saturday, May 4, 2013

Camping In The Backyard...

The Father and Sons camp out was this weekend, and Larry had class on Saturday early in the morning so there was no way he was able to make it work. Sometimes I wish he didn't have that excuse and I could send him off with both boys for the night. He did make it up to Max and have him do a campout in the backyard. He has a fire pit and hot dogs and smores, and then when it finally got dark they went to bed. I think they lasted till about midnight then came in! 

Max was super excited for the tent and for the blow up mattresses he kept bouncing around like a trampoline. He loved the smores and ate more then he probably should have. I love Max's enthusiasm for everything that is new and exciting for him. I am sure years from now they will all go to the father and sons campout and have a great time. For now this worked out just great and everyone ended up with a good night sleep in their own beds! 


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