Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Is Happening To Me On The Last Day In May...

Its last day in May and I am sitting in the house freezing contemplating putting the fire on. Last night while watching a movie with Larry the fire came on and we didn't even noticed, it seemed like a normal thing to do like it really was winter. This weather has been weird but at least its not hot right?

Here are some funny things that have been happening at our house:

Larry & David mowed the lawn both barefoot and at the same time weirdo boys.
My dad and Larry make milk shakes almost every night together.
My dad reads the newspaper everyday literally from cover to cover and Max enjoys tearing the pages apart when he finishes.
Max eats watermelon at almost every meal and gets a bath in the sink almost every time he eats.
We eat dinner together as a family almost every night just like it was when I was growing up.
I call carlene whenever I am going anywhere just to see if she needs me to grab something for her and she does the same for me.
Max is teething again and its really not funny.
Harry Potter is coming out in 46 days and I have been working on another Harry Potter appreciation week...stay tuned!

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