Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tahoe or Bust

This weekend my family packed up and went to stay in a huge house up in South Lake Tahoe. Growing up we really never went up to Tahoe to vacation even though it is pretty close. There is a lot to do during summer & winter but we are more of a national parks or Hawaii kinda family not a lake and snow family. It was a relaxing weekend with no plans just hang out, swimming, watching movies, playing games and eating. We had a good time enjoying the huge TV and sleeping in a king size bed {we will be buying those when we get a house} and enjoying the beautiful view! Check it out it was breathtaking from the house.

Oh we also stuck Max in the pool, and he hated it. It was a sad day for me but we will continue to try {force} him to be a water baby. Maybe if he was naked and it was the bath. This might turn out to be a long waterless summer. It was fun to get away hopefully we can do a lot of little weekend trips this summer.

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