Thursday, May 19, 2011

11 months later...

Max is almost a year old and I kinda cringe every time I think about it. Its great to see him grow and develop and learn new things but I do miss having that tiny newborn around. Max is kinda amazing :) He is everywhere and into everything. He loves crawling around my parents house and has particularly favorite areas. He loves taking all the magnets off the fridge, the drawers under the oven and some drawers with random things in it, its his go to spots. You can look around the house and see everyplace he has been. He is starting to say lots of different sounds and really learning to scream when he is in a particularity happy mood. He stands everywhere but his very hesitant to take a step. He loves to kiss you which turns into biting usually. He loves to blow on the glass door and thinks its so funny. Really I love watching him play all day long and take care of him, it truly is so awesome and he is such a sweet boy. He still sleeps really well all night long and two glorious naps a day {thank heavens I need the time to clean up his messes}. He loves eating anything you give him and especially the ice cream his grandpa is always giving him. He has a sweet spot for my dad, really sometimes the first person he will give a smile to once he has woken up is his grandpa its pretty cute.

Max your amazing, I love you and so does everyone else. Happy 11 months!


  1. I love him! I miss you guys and his sweet face.

  2. look at those faces! hahaha what a swigg. I love him. (and you AM. Glad things are so happy out there in EDH. keep smiling) =]