Monday, May 2, 2011

Stairway to Heaven...Literally

Max loves going on walks. We take at least two a day. One in the afternoon and one right before bedtime. It kinda lulls him into a coma and then he sleeps really good. It also breaks up the sometimes monotonous days of feedings and naps while Larry is off at work and I am on mommy duty alone. Here he is in all his glory after a particularly sunny day so he had to wear his hat, which he hates but he is so cute in it. He's a ladies man in that hat don't you think??

onto the stairway fiasco...

I have to admit being in a house is 1000 times better then a small apartment. Max can roam and open cabinets, drawers, and scream to his hearts delight in a spacious house. He is really loving it and giving me a heart attack all day. He really likes the stairs which he can climb up perfectly but has zero clue how to get down, I am afraid he might die on those stairs. I turn my back for one second and he bolts to the stairs...and man that baby can crawl fast. He is like a little dog panting with his tongue out obliviously crawling to his death...oh those stairs! I will keep you posted on the stair debacle of 2011, hopefully he doesn't fall to his death, he does have a lot of "padding" though so maybe he would just bounce?

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  1. love the hat, love the story, love you, love max and all his padding glory.