Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Living with your Parents 101.

So a lot of people keep asking me...So how is it living with your parents again?

Really it has been great. I knew it was and never was stressed or nervous about moving back in. First its not permeate and second my parents love having us around. I cook dinner and clean lots because my parents are both still teaching till the end of the month and its nice to have space to spread out. Larry and I can just be ourselves if we are fighting everyone knows and we don't care. I made a lists of some great perks of moving back home with a baby and husband in tow.

1. Babysitters whenever you need.
2. Cars whenever you need...this is big when you only have one car your husband takes to work.
3. No rent & no grocery bill.
4. Having someone around at all hours of the day..parents, brothers ect.
5. Having a washer, dryer, & dishwasher.
6. Always getting to go on walks with my mom.
7. Having my sister-in-law to hang out with everyday.
8. Living in EDH.
9. Eating dinner with my family everyday.
10. Larry watching Sports with my dad and their constant conversations.
11. Larry watching random old TV with my mom.
12. Max roaming everywhere and getting constant love and attention.
13. David will always go to Sams Club with my when I get a hankering for a hot dog.
14. Seeing movies with my brothers.
15. Sharing one bathroom with my brothers again...we are way to open in this house!

so there are a million more thing that I really do love. Yes it is tight with everyone upstairs and it will get tighter when Tom arrives this week, but these are seriously precious memories and times we have. Really who gets to move back in over the summer and ALL their siblings happen to be living at home again for the summer...its been almost 7 years I think. Its been really fun and I love being home...I know I say this a lot but I love El Dorado Hills and feel so lucky to be back!


  1. how fun! Im glad you're getting to have a much needed break, and jealous you get to be in EDH! :-)

  2. I think too that you must be having somekind of fun!!Great post!