Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We are sick around these parts. We have been up in EDH for 5 days and made the drive back into San Diego last night, stuffy runny noises and all. Max was a champ 16 hours of driving in 5 days is no fun for a wiggly baby. Larry interviewed with 3 firms from Fresno up to Folsom and we are waiting to hear by the end of the week if he has a job for the summer. {fingers crossed}

I'm feeling grateful and rejuvenated after this weekend. We have had some trials over this semester and last which I've expressed over this blog and I had really been in a funk. Just not optimistic, loosing faith and this weekend really got me back on track. I'm feeling uplifted and ready to continue on. I keep thinking things have been really rough, but we keep pressing on and in the end things will work out. I am recommiting myself to daily scripture study, prayer, and saying I love you to my husband. These are the things I CAN DO daily and that is good enough for now.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and thoughtful emails and such, that is what life is all about, encouraging and helping each other make it out alive!

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