Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Weekend Round Up

So my life was a little CRAZY this weekend. We went up to LA for a couple hours for some interviews Larry had on the UCLA campus for summer internships/fellowships. I have come to the conclusion about myself :

1. I hate LA

2.I should not be driving in insane traffic with a screaming baby in the back because some choice naughty words come very loudly out of my mouth.

3. UCLA campus is AMAZINGLY beautiful. I loved walking around with the baby in tow mind you while I got some funny stares...ya know because who has a baby and goes to college right??

We also went up to Santa Babara and then to our final destination Santa Maria to spend some time with my Uncle's family for Superbowl weekend. It was fun to be around them and to show off little rollie pollie mover Max and to just get away from crowded 80 degree San Diego.

We had a great weekend and Max did great on the drive home 5 hours straight...that boy though man really knows how to tell you he is DONE being in the car.

and sadly there is NO pictures of the entire weekend. Fail


  1. i think i would trade your 80 degree weather for my 20 degree weather

  2. I love that he is a rollie pollie now. So cute. Send me a family picture. I need to put one on my fridge. So I can stare at you every day. I miss you.