Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Facebook

Me and Larry watched Social Network once it was in our redbox.

We are cool aren't we? That is what happens when you are in law school and have a baby.

I thought it was so good, nerdy, perhaps. Jumping on the bandwagon...heck yes.

Haven't seen it, go rent it. I Loved it.

It also made me excited for Larry because it deals with IP law and lawsuits, he was loving it, that nerdy law student I love, who wants to be an IP lawyer. Soon only 2 more years?

Another exciting thing? We are going to EDH this weekend!

Surprised. I am! Larry called me today, he has an interview with a firm in Folsom to work for this summer...so we are heading out this weekend for a get away. Larry gets an entire 2 days off this semester and its this upcoming weekend....so vaca here we come!

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