Thursday, February 10, 2011

AM's Favorite day

Did you know Thursdays are my FAVORITE days?

Do you want to know ya do ya??

Because the husband gets off school early...I'm talking SO early. He only goes to school/studies for 5 hours on this beloved day! He comes home early and its our date night or DAY sometimes. Its the best day of the week really....

also Thursday night TV is the BEST. Right? Also I don't have to do the dishes or put the baby Max down to bed...those are the dads Thursday night job. And we need days like these in our lives...there a necessity to survive {see below post}

So Great.

Oh did I mention Max said his FIRST word...yes my son has the gift of speech. Do you want to know what he didn't say Mama...NOPE. I'm the person that grew him for 9 months, pushed him out, and have taken care of him day after day but NOOO he doesn't say Mama he says..

Dada...really I mean Really Max!?! are you trying to break this moms spirit?

Remember little one these first few days??
So sweet.

Happy Thursday

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  1. Max might of said dada, but he told me that he loves you more. I love Fridays. I'm glad you love Thursdays. It good to have a favorite, it gives you something to look forward to.