Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Brain Dump...

I haven't kissed my husband in 2 weeks. I've been sick and so has he...I'm going stir crazy I just wanna make out with my hot man.

My child may or may not have screamed for an entire hour at 3:00am. We could not figure out what he wanted expect being in the bed with me, which is weird because he never sleeps with me and was not allowed to last night either, so sorry neighbors for that brutal hour, and thank you for not calling child protective services on us.

I was very rude to a sales man today at a craft store. He called me Miss, which way rubbed me wrong and then proceed to tell me how I was looking like a teenager while Max did a bunch of ninja kicks and cried for his dad. I was already irritated because my order took a month and they only said 2 I was on edge...and have you tried to function with a head cold?

Also have you listened to the radio lately? I had to because there was nothing in my never going to do that again there is awful music out there.

Lastly we may or may not be moving to EDH for the summer....I will confirm soon enough.

Happy Friday all, go make out with your husbands because I can't with mine. Oh and dear head cold please go away because my head feels like its been run over by a tractor.

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